Aviation Security

Regulatory Policy & Oversight Section
Responsible for the establishment, administration and promulgation the national civil aviation security programme and provide advice, as required, on aviation security matters to airport administrations and aircraft operators

Develop and implement regulations, practices and procedures to establish security standards and advise on the means and methods of compliance to ensure those standards are met by all parties involved in civil aviation. Keeping informed and up to date on the current assessment of threats, security techniques, systems and devices and on national and international laws, security-related Standards, Recommended Practices and procedures.

Implementation Section
Implement security measures as laid down in the national aviation security programme to assure the protection and safety of passengers, crew, ground personnel, the general public, aircraft and facilities at all Government airports, against acts of unlawful interference perpetrated on the ground or in flight. This is carried out through a combination of measures and the marshalling of various human and material resources.
Security is everybody’s responsibility. It is therefore, your responsibility to contribute towards safety and security in all matters related to safeguarding aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

Should you have any views, comments, suggestions or information to improve security measures and even prevent such unlawful acts from happening, you are welcome do so via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.