On Test Day

Test Day Policies and Tips
The ELP Test is delivered on a face-to-face basis in a quiet environment with two raters. The test duration is approximately 20-25 minutes.
Test Venue
The SEYELPT Services is generally administered in the ANS / CNS / IT Training room located at the ATCC Building on the SCAA premises. If you do not posess an airport pass,indicate in your request so that we can make arrangements for an access pass.
Arrive on Time
Please arrive at the ATCC reception at least 15 minutes before your test time for registration.
You must bring with you:-
  • A valid identification and two passport size photographs
  • Valid ID with your name, signature and photograph must have:
    a)   A clean recent photo
    b)   Your entire first / givenname and entire last / family name
All passports and other IDs must be in English language letters and have your signature.

Expired documents and copies are not accepted.

The following documents will not be accepted on the test day:-

a)   Birth certificate
b)   International driver’s license
c)   Credit / Debit Card of any kind
d)   Employee ID card

Personal Items
Identification documents and pens are the only personal items allowed in the testing room. You cannot bring cell phones,or any other electronic or photographic equipment, notes, books, scratch paper and portable listening and recording devices.
You will receive instructions where to put personal items. If you do not follow directions, you cannot take the test. Any violation of this procedure may result in cancellation of your scores or dismissal by test services staff.
Test Center Procedures and Policies
The following information will help you understand test center guidelines, policies and procedures:
  • You will be provided with paper for taking notes throughout the test.
  • It is forbidden to remove or attempt to remove any test paper / rough paper from the test premises.
  • Friends or relatives are not allowed in the test center during the test.
  • Notify the test supervisor immediately if test day conditions in any way impede your performance.
  • Do not make any noise near the examination room.