Ref. Title Issue Date Download
TGO AGA 01 Technical Guidance for Calculating the Declared Distances
Mar 2008
TGO AGA 02 Criteria and Associated Guidlines Regulating Use of Pavements by Aircrafts with an ACN Higher Than the Reported PCN
Aug 2008
TGO AGA 03 Bird Strike Risk Management for Aerodromes
Sep 2008
TGO AGA 04 The Conduct of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and the Production of Safety Cases Aug 2008 (PDF)
TGO AGA 05 Guidance enabling the SCAA to impose operating restrictions and sanctions in the event of non conformance to conditions of license/Certification requirements or an unresolved safety concern Sep 2008 (PDF)
TPO AGA 01 Aerodrome Certification procedures and Checklists Jul 2008 (PDF)
TPO AGA 02 Birdstrike Risk Management for Aerodromes Sep 2008 (PDF)
TPO AGA 03 Coordination policy and procedures establishing coordination between Aerodromes and Aeronautical Information Services Dec 2008 (PDF)