Ref. Title Compliance Document Issue Date Download
FCL 3/2009

Type Rating Examiner (Aeroplane) and Synthetic Flight Examiner (Aeroplane) Standardisation Course Arrangements

UK Standards Document 41(A) 17/02/2009 (PDF)
FCL 5/2009 Requirements for Radiotelephony (RTF) Examiners UK CAA Standards Document 04 01/01/2020 (PDF)
FCL 6/2009 Guidance to Class Rating Examiners- Single Pilot Aeroplanes UK CAA Standards Document 14(A) 17/02/2009 (PDF)
FCL 7/2009 Authorisation of Flight Examiners UK CAA Standards Document 21(A) 17/02/2009 (PDF)
FCL 8/2009 Notes for the Guidance of Applicants taking Helicopter Instructor (FI, TRI/IRI) Skills Test UK CAA Standards Document 42(H) 17/02/2009 (PDF)
FCL 9/2009
Notes for the Guidance of Type Rating Instructor (Aeroplanes) and Synthetic Flight Instructor (Aeroplanes) Course Providers UK CAA Standards Document 43 04/04/2011 (PDF)
FCL 1/2012

Instructions and Procedures for Examiners: Multi-Pilot Aeroplanes (MPA) and Single-Pilot High Performance Complex Aeroplanes (SP HPC(A))

UK CAA Standards Document 24(A) 01/10/2012 (PDF)
FCL 1/2013

Guidance to Single Pilot Helicopter Examiners for the conduct of: Type and Instrument Rating Skill Tests, Proficiency Checks and Operator Proficiency Checks

UK CAA Standards Document 14(H) 01/01/2013 (PDF)
FCL 2/2014
Guidance Criteria for the Approval of Training Organisations Offering Courses of Training for Pilot Licenses, Ratings and Certificates UK CAA Standards Document 55 01/03/2014 (PDF)