SCAA restricts Operation of Boeing 737 max in its airspace


A safety directive has been issued to all aircraft operators restricting the operation of Boeing 737-8 max and Boeing 737-9 in the Seychelles Flight Information Region.


This follows similar restrictions by other civil aviation authorities, including the UK, European Union  and Asia,requesting the suspension in respect of the two aircraft models. The bans came as a consequence of two fatal aircraft accidents involving the B737-8 max, with the latest being the Ethiopian Airline’s on the 10th March 2019.

Henceforth the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) has taken the appropriate action, as per its statutory obligation, in the interest of safety of aircraft operations, and that of the public.  External reports are drawing similarities between the latest Ethiopian airline crash and that of the Lion Air flight 610 which occurred on the 29 October 2018, involving the same type of aircraft.

“ Given the similarity of the two accidents, it has been decided as a precautionary measure that all operations by the two types of aircraft in the Seychelles, whether local or foreign operators, should stop until appropriate safeguards are in place. This is needed to give assurance and continued confidence in air travel, which remains the safest means of mass transportation.”

“Although for the time being none of our commercial operators are using these models, it might however be possible that we receive request from private operators using such types of aircraft in our airspace, hence this is why we have decided to take this precautionary measure.”  said Wilfred Fock Tave, Chief Operations Officer.

The notification takes effect as of 4pm local time, today (Wednesday 13th March 2019)


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