SCAA staff get free kidney screening by Lions of Seychelles

With its continued efforts to promote a healthy workforce the local civil aviation authority invited the Lions of Seychelles and the Health Care Agency to host a free kidney screening for its staff.


This activity was held recently on the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority’s premises at Pointe Larue.
Employees were also able to screen for other communicable diseases such hepatitis C and HIV as well as for other conditions which are more common in Seychelles like diabetes and hypertension.

It is through such initiatives organized by the authority’s Occupational Health and Safety Unit that medical information of staff is collected. Healthcare professionals from the Ministry of Health were also invited, to give medical advice to staff.

The Lions Club of Seychelles has been active in pursuing their nationwide screening programme of non-communicable diseases. The Lions of Seychelles comprises of members of the parents Lions Club, Seychelles Centennial Women’s Lion Club and Rising Lion’s Club.

Its President Lion D.V Sharma said, “It is unfortunate that Seychelles suffers a double-burden of disease – a still persistent threat of infectious diseases and a rapidly rising threat from Non-Communicable diseases – diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart and kidney diseases in particular.”

“We believe that it was important to come to SCAA as their staff deals with a critical industry for the country, and they work tirelessly to ensure that their operations are flowing every single day of the year. So getting the appropriate screening done allows them to have a better idea of their current health status and take corrective action if there is a need,” Lion D.V Sharma said.

The SCAA’s Senior Health and Safety Officer Ms Marthe Faure said that though the screening was targeting staff of 40 years and above, this did not stop younger staff from participating to check their health status.

She added that SCAA has several health screenings throughout the year for its staff but it is the first time that employees has an opportunity to receive a kidney screening.

Ms Faure thanked the Lions Club of Seychelles and the Ministry of Health for facilitating such an important exercise.



Lions Club at SCAA