SCAA invests in well-resourced ambulance for airport emergencies

Aircraft related traumas and medical emergencies at the Seychelles International Airport will now be attended to with a more spacious and well-resourced ambulance.


The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) has purchased this emergency vehicle at SR1.48 million from Dubai based company NAFFCO, to further facilitate the works of the Airport Fire and Rescue Services, which deals with all fire and emergency related incidents.

The Airport’s Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Bernard Henriette said in certain circumstances they also respond to medical cases relating to airport users and staff as well as road accidents and other emergency calls, in the vicinity of the airport when the need arises.

He added that now they have two ambulances, but the new one has adequate storage facilities for all emergency supplies including first aid, and provide better comfort and safety for patients.

“It is equipped with first aid box, fire extinguishers, stair chairs, stretchers, spine board and suction unit which is used to clear airway of blood or saliva” Mr Henriette said.

There are altogether a total of eight emergency medical technicians within the airport fire service at Pointe Larue. These are firefighters who have been trained to attend to emergency first aid procedures. Since yesterday 11 staff are following a training to become medical technicians as well. This course is being led by an instructor from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


New AFRS Ambulance 1

The new spacious and well-resourced ambulance to respond primarily to airport emergencies


AFRS Training edit

Ten airport firefighters and one SCAA’s Health and Safety Officer, Ms Julie Sarah attending the ongoing training