Strategic Objectives

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  • Regulatory

    Provide a balanced and cost-effective approach to safety oversight inclusive of initial certification and continued surveillance that ensures the development and operation of civil air transport in Seychelles is safe and in accordance with national and international standards and requirements.

  • Air Transport Planning

    Ensure strategic planning for air transport development and promotion in Seychelles to expedite the growth of the Seychelles International Airport as an international and prominent gateway, facilitating national endeavours in the tourism, trade and investment industries.

  • Airport Operations

    Ensure safe, secure and efficient operations and high standards of facilitation and services in respect of passengers, aircraft and cargo in accordance with ICAO standards and recommended practices, consequently enhancing Seychelles as a destination. Provide adequate Fire and Rescue Services, commensurate with the particular level of airport cover as prescribed by ICAO.

  • Air Navigation Services, Alerting Services & Search and Rescue

    • Ensure safe and efficient air navigation services in compliance with ICAO regional and global plan requirements.
    • Ensure the provision of alerting services and search and rescue in accordance with national and international obligations.

  • Safety, Security and Environment

    • Ensure a safe and secure operating environment for aircraft, their passengers and crew, airport employees and other airport users. 
    • Ensure maintenance of environmental standards is in accordance with national and international requirements.

  • Airport Business Development & Marketing

    Develop, implement and optimize new business opportunities and innovative ventures that provide profitable and sustainable markets for non-aeronautical revenue growth for the Seychelles Airports; with a strategic focus on the customer experience and high level of customer satisfaction for our travelling visitors and airport users.

  • Image and Relationship Building

    Establish and promote the image of SCAA as a vibrant business entity by ensuring that relationships are managed effectively and the highest level of customer service is attained.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities

    Ensure an efficient and effective infrastructure and facilities to enable the achievement of the company’s objectives by implementing and maintaining a sophisticated communication and IT system, reliable backup power generation, upgrade and extension of all infrastructures.

  • Finance

    Ensure an efficient and effective financial system to account for the company’s activities, comply with statutory requirements and provide relevant management information by:

    • Preventing leakage and revenue loss
    • Providing management information for decision-making purposes
    • Enabling the achievement of the company’s objectives

  • Human Resource

    Ensure an empowered, motivated, more productive and better paid workforce by:

    • Developing competencies to enable staff to meet new challenges
    • Defining clear roles, responsibilities and outputs
    • Setting up a salary scheme that is based on rewarding competencies, responsibilities and exigencies of service thereby ensuring a satisfied workforce