Drone Registration


The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) recognizes the growth and increasing use of unmanned aircraft (UA), or commonly known as ‘drones’ for recreational purposes, monitoring of the environment and wildlife, agriculture, inspections and has huge commercial potential. UA vary in size, weight, performance and the most sophisticated models have the ability to access remote areas to carry out aerial surveys, deliver humanitarian aids and other essential supplies. However, it is critical that their operation does not present any risk to aircraft, helicopters and their passengers, including the general public, who are protected under national laws and international laws emanating from the Chicago Convention. 

Registration Process

Civil Aviation Regulations 2017 requires all drones having a maximum weight of 250 grams of more to be registered with Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority prior to their operation within the territory of Seychelles. All drone operators are therefore required to register their drones using the form provided on this website and submit to SCAA for processing. A confirmation of the registration will be initiated by SCAA once the process has been completed. The operation of drones should always be carried out in a safe and responsible manner. Before conducting any outdoor activity, you should refer and strictly abide to the following basic flying principles categorized under the following Dos and Don'ts.

Prior to registration, the applicant shall familiarize themselves with the below regulatory requirements including guidelines provided by the Safety and Security Regulation Department of SCAA:
  • Unmanned Aircraft/Drone Operation Safety Guidelines
  • Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)
Step 1: After you have read and understood the above mentioned documents, please download the registration form from the table below.
Step 2: Fill in the registration form and attach together proof of identification (national identity card or passport)
Step 3: Send the completed registration form and proof of identification to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The registration form and supporting documentation will be reviewed and the applicant shall receive a response from the Safety and Security Regulation Department to confirm their registration. Any omission of information requested in the registration form may result in a delay of processing of the registration.
Registration Form
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 Drone Registration Form 01 (PDF)

Report Unsafe Drone Operations

Use the button below to report an incident where you believe someone is flying a drone in an irresponsible manner. (for example, flying close to other aircrafts, near aerodromes or within any other controlled airspace or restricted areas (without an authorization) mentioned in the previously mentioned guidelines. If this is an emergency (there is imminent danger presented by the drone), please contact your local police. Please click the button below to start your report. You will be directed to our Centrik Reporting System which is used to capture reports. Please include your contact details should you wish to be contacted regarding the report.