SCAA’s Aviation Security launches security culture campaign: ‘Security is everybody’s responsibility’

SCAA Aviation staff and other airport stakeholders at the launching

At the launching of its security culture campaign recently the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority’s (SCAA) Aviation Security (AVSEC) prompted all airport stakeholders including members of the public to play their role in safeguarding the security of the Seychelles International Airport and domestic airports.

This campaign is being led by the Aviation Security and Facilitation Inspectorate Division with the aim of integrating security culture philosophy into everything that is done by SCAA as the organization responsible for Aviation Security in Seychelles. 

The main objectives of the initiative are to encourage non-security staff to familiarize themselves with security issues, procedures and response mechanisms in case of suspicious activities at the airports.

Furthermore, to promote willingness for airport staff to accept responsibility, be pro-active and make decisions freely in the event of security occurrences which include incidents, deficiencies and breaches.

It is aimed also at encouraging non-security staff to challenge other personnel in case of irregularities and to accept being challenged; as well as to immediately report occurrences or any suspicious activity that are security-related either anonymously or confidentially.

The event was held at the international passenger concourse area in the presence of the General Manager for Airport Management Mr. Colin Chang Tave, other members of the management team, Head of the Aviation Security Regulatory Policy and Oversight Miss Barbara Souffe, airport stakeholders and staff. To commemorate this event a banner was unveiled at the venue. The banner is showing some airport staff, with the tag line Safety is Everybody’s Responsibility, reminding all stakeholders of their importance in assisting the aviation security to safeguard the airports.

During her address Miss Souffe noted that history has revealed that threats to civil aviation continues to evolve and terrorists are always well ahead of the security systems that are in place to detect those threats.

“With this in mind that we have decided to launch our security culture campaign in Seychelles, focusing on the fact that security is everybody’s business.”

“Support from all of the aviation community is vital to the success of the security culture campaign, thus the SCAA will be collaborating with departments of the organization and other stakeholders operating at both Seychelles International Airport and Iles Des Palmes Airport to ensure a fruitful campaign,” Miss Souffe said.

At the ceremony Miss Sabrina Agathine, Avsec instructor also presented a batch of certificates to Skychef Human Resources Director Mr. Andy Julie, following the participation of Skychef staff in a security awareness training.

Activities that have been planned to ensure that airport staff are well aware of their responsibility are a series of sensitisation programme by Avsec including distribution of posters to stakeholders; security awareness programme; establishment of confidential and mandatory security incident reporting system on the website and distribution of questionnaire to non-security staff.

At the end of the campaign it is expected that most employees, including non-security staff and other airport-based operators of both airports are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to promote the awareness of security risks including threats to civil aviation and to do their part in strengthening the safety of the industry.

Miss Souffe delivering her address at the launching of the security culture campaign.

Miss Souffe delivering her address at the launching of the security culture campaign.

Sychef HR Director Mr Julie accepting the certificates from Miss Agathine.

Skychef HR Director Mr Julie accepting the certificates from Miss Agathine.

Editor's Notes:

The International Civil Aviation Organization has designated the year 2021 as the Year of Security Culture.  It was launched by the Secretary General of ICAO during the fourth annual ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium in December 2020 with a call for practical action by all.  The initiative aims to raise security awareness and promote a positive security culture in aviation operations across the world. It seeks to encourage and facilitate the enhancement of security behaviors and practices, focusing on the principle that security is everyone’s responsibility – from the ground up and top-down.


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