Praslin airport implements measures to adapt to the ‘new normal’

New seat arrangement to ensure social distancing

Ile Des Palmes Airport on Praslin has implemented several measures on its premises in light with the Covid-19 situation to ensure that domestic travelers can easily adapt to the ‘new normal’

Since the Praslin airport is opening on Monday May, 4th with Air Seychelles resuming its domestic flights, the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) has ensured that all guidelines put forward by the Department of Health are being observed, before the opening.

The SCAA’s Health and Safety Office on Mahe has been working closely with the Praslin team under the guidance of its Airport Manager: Darrel Pouponneau, who has been on the ground to ensure that protocols regarding the measures in place are clear and well organized prior to the beginning of operations.

“We are particularly focused on social distancing at the airport, providing information, and re-organizing processes so as to ensure that all is done accordingly” said Mr. Pouponneau

The Fire Service Station Manager on Praslin Tony Larue was tasked to ensure that all is visibly ready, seen and understood by passengers.

‘’To allow physical distancing at all times during airport procedures, reflective tapes have been placed in front of check-in desks, at the entrance of the departure lounge and boarding gate, along conveyor in the arrival area and also at the ATM machines and bank’ said Mr. Larue

‘Additionally, all benches will be relocated to allow proper social physical distancing and back to back sitting arrangements are no longer allowed’ he said.

He added that larger benches will be demarcated with an X to indicate passengers where not to sit in order to practice social distancing.

In terms of baggage screening, the Aviation security officers will be in the forefront to ensure that all the social distances are maintained as per demarcation. They will also make sure that only one passenger at a time is allowed inside the concourse screening point.

Furthermore, to maintain proper hygiene protocols, a wash basin has been placed at the entrance of the terminal with soap and paper towel dispensers for the public to wash their hands before moving towards the check-in desks.

Amongst other measures, posters with hygiene and social distance advisory have been put at desired places to remind the public of their responsibility in this new normal. A video with similar Covid-19 related information and tips will also be aired on the screen above check-in desks.

During this period Air Seychelles is also being informed to advise their clients to observe all the measures.

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