Praslin airport undertakes maintenance and cleaning during closure

An electrical staff working on the airfield lighting

During the closure of the Ile Des Palmes aiport on Praslin the local aviation authority had taken the opportunity to focus on maintenance and cleaning works.

The Airport’s Manager Mr Darrel Pouponneau noted that since the last domestic flight on Thursday April 9th, staff under his guidance and that of their immediate supervisors have worked on a maintenance and cleaning schedule to ensure that when the airport goes back to operations on Monday May 4th all is in order.

“With no traffic and domestic travelers, it was an opportune time for us to do thorough job. We kicked off with the interior of the airport’s building whereby staff scrubbed and refurbished the flooring to make it glossy once again,” he said.

“We always attach great importance to cleanliness so that our stakeholders which include domestic passengers can feel comfortable whilst travelling through the Praslin airport and even so more now with the Covid-19 pandemic where the focus is on good hygiene.”

He added that on the outside of the premises they had to undertake some clearing of vegetations, which was a necessity, as tall trees and shrubs had started to block the view of the air traffic control tower on the island. These are amongst the projects that we have to undertake to ensure safety at all times.”

Mr Pouponneau added that on the airfield electrical staff have removed all lightnings for necessary cleaning, testing and painting.

Other projects included routine works such as the trimming of grass on the airfield and painting of the runway markings as well, he added.

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