SCAA employees clean one of its remote sites

SCAA during it’s clean up initiative for World Clean-Up Day 2020

This morning a team of employees from the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) was mobilized to clean one of its remote sites at Mont Signal, Mahé.

This activity was to commemorate the World Clean-Up Day, celebrated on 19th September.

As the environment is one of the organisation’s core values, every year staff come up with initiatives to clean one of the sites to commemorate the day.

The Mont Signal site was selected this year as it has recently gained much publicity, encouraging more people to visit the well maintained and attractive site. As an unfortunate result, littering and signs of illegal activities are now visible in the area.

SCAA’s Head for Communication and Navigational Services, Mr Pitter Elizabeth who was amongst the team members for this initiative, said that the site has been a property of SCAA for a few years now and it has been designated to accommodate navigational aids and communication equipment for aircraft as part of air navigation services provided by the SCAA.”

“This event is one of many clean-up activities which will follow to maintain the property and we would like to seize this opportunity as well to sensitize members of the public to refrain from any illicit activities when they come to explore this site,” Mr Elizabeth said.

About SCAA

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