SCAA recognizes EAST Cargo for payload record

Dr. Nalletamby accepting the certificate of achievement from SCAA’s General Manager for Commercial Miss Marengo

The East Cargo Services was recognized by the local civil aviation authority for lifting out the highest payload from the Seychelles International Airport (SIA) on a passenger cargo flight.

Owner of the company, Dr. Carol Nalletamby received a certificate of achievement from Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority’s (SCAA) General Manager of Commercial Miss Florence Marengo recently, in a brief ceremony at the authority’s head office at Pointe Larue.

This presentation coincided with the golden jubilee of the first landing of a commercial flight at SIA, a milestone which was also being commemorated by SCAA.

It was on June 1 this year, that EAST Cargo managed to load 23,008.9kgs of fish onto Turkish Airlines aircraft TK0749 outbound to various points in the United States and Europe via Istanbul.

The cargo load, which was the highest ever lifted out of the Seychelles on a passenger cargo flight, was ratified by Air Seychelles Freighter Services at SIA.

The cargo services are being conducted by an Airbus A330 passenger-freighter, chartered from a Turkish Airlines.  The aircraft can carry up to 35 tonnes of cargo in the cargo hold and main deck combined. Turkish Airlines operates twice weekly to Seychelles with an A330-200.

During the presentation, Miss Marengo noted that this was an important milestone, which is worth recognition.

“Traditionally when we speak of Air Transport we often forget about the cargo component, we usually speak of passengers, but with initiatives such as that of EAST Cargo, it opens up new avenues for Air Transport in Seychelles, heralding important transformations that would translate into benefit for the country,” Miss Marengo said.

Dr Nalletamby was pleased upon receiving the recognition; “C’est un grand honneur pour moi et mon equipe merci beaucoup.” 

I had many certificates in my life from Europe where I grew up, but this special   one from Seychelles’ CAA is even more special because it’s from the country where I was born, she said. 

Dr Nalletamby is also pleased that SCAA has acknowledged the importance of cargo as many often the focus is on passengers.

Background Information

Euro African Star Transport (EAST) Cargo Services was founded in 2020, the company conducted its first cargo flight using Turkish Airlines on 6 March 2021. 

EAST Cargo, owned by Dr. Carol Nalletamby who is the President and CEO is an import and export company that has been importing products to the Seychelles for over three years and now export fresh fish and other cargo to various destinations in the United States and Europe via Istanbul.

The company’s next target is to surpass this achievement to put Seychelles among the big players in fish exports worldwide despite the Covid-19 pandemic challenges that the country is facing and the uncertainties brought around in these unpredictable times.

It is to be noted that since April 24, 2021 to June 01, 2021 EAST Cargo Services achieved a cargo load of 120,000 kg of fresh fish outbound by Turkish Cargo amongst other remarkable achievements since its launching.

About SCAA

The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) was established under the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority Act, 2005, as an administrative and financial body corporate to provide for the services, facilities and regulation of civil aviation activities in Seychelles, consistent and in accordance with national and international standards.

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