Aircraft Civil Register

 Aircraft Registration  Aircraft Type  Registered Owner
 S7-VEV  A320 Neo  GY Aviation Lease 1740 CO.Limited
 S7-PTI  A320 Neo  ALC A320 9394, LLC
 S7-LDI  DHC6-400  Air Seychelles Ltd.
 S7-BRD  DHC6-400  Air Seychelles Ltd.
 S7-DNS  DHC6-400  Air Seychelles Ltd.
 S7-PRN  DHC6-400  Air Seychelles Ltd.
 S7-FAR  DHC6-400  Air Seychelles Ltd.
 Aircraft Registration  Aircraft Type  Registered Owner
 S7-IDC  B1900D  Seychelles Government
 S7-DES  B1900D  Islands Development Company Ltd.
 S7-ALP  B1900D  Islands Development Company Ltd.
 Aircraft Registration  Aircraft Type  Registered Owner
 S7-AIR  EC120B  Zil Air Pty Ltd.
 S7-ZIL  EC120B  Zil Air Pty Ltd.
 S7-FLY  EC120B  Zil Air Pty Ltd.
 S7-ADM  P2012 Traveller  Zil Air Pty Ltd.
 S7-ISL  EC120B  Mr. Francis Wayne Savy
 S7-EVE  P.68C  Mr. Francis Wayne Savy
 S7-ILE  EC120B  MAZ Partnership
 S7-SEA  PC-24  Ormond Ltd.
 Aircraft Registration  Aircraft Type  Registered Owner
 S7-SKY  Cessna 206  Fly Seychelles Pty Ltd.
Note: It is the policy of the Seychelles Government and the Authority that aircraft with a principle place of business outside Seychelles and/or those not operating within or to Seychelles are not registered on the Seychelles Civil Register.
Last Updated: Wednesday 05th June 2024

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