Air Navigation Standards

Air Navigation Standards Forms
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Form SR PANS OPS 7616  Notification of Intended Airspace Change Proposal or FPD Activity March 2018 (PDF)
Form SR PANS OPS 7617  Application for Instrument FPD Approval - New Design or Change March 2018 (PDF)
Form SR PANS OPS 7618-A  Application for Approval of an Organisation to Provide FPD Services March 2018 (PDF)
Form SR PANS OPS 7618-B  Application for Approval of an Individual to Provide FPD Services March 2018 (PDF)
Ref.  Title Issue Date Download
ANS(AIS) SD 2020-01 Dissemination of safety critical information 25/03/2020 (PDF)
The following Civil Aviation Directives should be read in conjunction with the Part 23 - Authority Matters - Civil Aviation Directives of Civil Aviation (Safety) Regulations, 2017. Technical standards once incorporated are effective and applicable as amended (unless stated otherwise)

  1. The intent of the Civil Aviations Directives is to advise the aviation industry on the reference of the technical standards and the amendment status at the time of incorporation
  2. The Civil Aviation Directives may not necessarily refer to the latest amendment status which may be effective and should not be utilised to verify the amendment status of such technical standards. Air Navigation Service providers and operators should consult the respective organisation official web site for such information.

Title Standard
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Rules of the Air

STS - Rules of the Air
Article 1 - Subject Matter;
Article 2 - Definitions;
Appendices 1 to 5
ICAO Annex 2
ICAO Annex 11




ANS/75(2)(3)Air Navigation ServicesSTS-ANSAir Navigation Services ProvisionICAO Annexes 3, 4, 10, 11 and 1501/07/20170101/09/2017(PDF)
ATS/75(3)(a)Air Traffic ServicesSTS-ATSAir Traffic Services ProvisionICAO Annex 1101/07/20170101/09/2017(PDF)
CNS/75(3)(d)Communication Navigation or Surveillance ServicesSTS-CNSCommunication Navigation or Surveillance Services ProvisionICAO Annex 10, Volumes I, II, III, IV and V01/07/20170101/09/2017(PDF)
MET/75(3)(c)Meteorological Services for International AviationSTS-METProvision to Meteorological Services for International Aviation and Aeronautical Information and Aeronautical Chart ServicesICAO Annex 301/07/20170101/09/2017(PDF)
PANS OPS/76Flight Procedure Design ServicesSTS-PANS OPSFlight Procedure Design Services ProvisionICAO Annex 1101/07/20170101/09/2017(PDF)
AIS/ACS/75(3)(b)(e)Aeronautical Information and Aeronautical Chart ServicesSTS-AIS/ACSAeronautical Information and Aeronautical Chart ServicesICAO Annexes 4 and 1501/11/20190201/11/2019(PDF)
ROA/68(1)Standards for Communication FailureSTS-SCFProvisions for Communications FailureICAO Annexes 2 & 10 Vol. II01/11/20190101/11/2019(PDF)
SUM/5Standards for Units of MeasurementSTS-SUMProvisions for Units of MeasurementICAO Annex 501/11/20190101/11/2019(PDF)
Title Issue Date Issue Download
TP ANS 00 - Procedures for the development and management of ANS & ATCL Inspectorate Technical procedures and Guidance Material August 2019 02 (PDF)
TP ANS 01 - ANS Inspector Handbook June 2020 04 (PDF)
TP ANS 02 - ANS Safety Oversight Manual June 2020 02 (PDF)
TP PANS OPS - Flight Design Procedure Manual July 2019 02 (PDF)
RefTitleDocumentDate Comment 
 Title Issue Date Issue Download
 STS - Rules of the Air July 2017 - (PDF)
 STS - AIS & ACS November 2019 02 (PDF)
 STS - ANS July 2022 02 (PDF)
 STS - ATS November 2020 02 (PDF)
 STS - CNS July 2017 01 (PDF)
 STS - MET July 2017 01 (PDF)
 STS - PANS OPS November 2019 01 (PDF)
 STS - SCF November 2019 01 (PDF)
 STS - SUM November 2019 01 (PDF)
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 Joseph Lajoie  Head Air Navigation Standards, ATC Licensing, ANS Inspector (PANS OPS/ACS)  +248 4684365 [EMAIL]
 Fathiya Quatre  ANS Inspector (CNS)  +248 4684366 [EMAIL]
 Alex Monthy  ANS Inspector (ATS/SAR)  +248 4684367 [EMAIL]
 Francois Albert  ANS Inspector (MET/AIS)  +248 4684368 [EMAIL]
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