Dangerous Goods

Ref. Title Issue Date Action
 SR/DGO 51 Application for Authorisation to Carry Dangerous Goods in Normal Circumstances Apr 2009 (VIEW)
 SR/DGO 26 Application for Approval to Transport Dangerous Goods By Air Operators of Seychelles Registered Aircraft Jun 2006 (VIEW)
 SR/DGO 50 Application for Dangerous Goods Training Programs Approval Apr 2009 (VIEW)
 SR/DGO 24B Application to Carry Dangerous Goods (Other Than Class 1) Feb 2008 (VIEW)
 SR/DGO 24A Application to Carry Munitions of War And/Or Class 1 Dangerous Goods Feb 2008 (VIEW)
Ref. Title Issue Date Issue Action
DG/2023/001 Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air 31/03/2023 01 (VIEW)
Ref. Title Issue Date Action
1/2011 Dangerous Goods Carried By Passengers or Crew 25/01/2011 (VIEW)
2/2011 Batteries Carried in Passenger and Crew Baggage 03/03/2011 (VIEW)
3/2011 Transport of Battery-Powered Wheelchairs 19/04/2011 (VIEW)
4/2011 Dangerous Goods Safety Oversight Programme 03/05/2011 (VIEW)
1/2014 Appointment of a Dangerous Goods Coordinator 01/10/2014 (VIEW)
1/2016 Dangerous Goods : Operations Manual Requirements 07/12/2016 (VIEW)
DG/2020/001 Recurrent Dangerous Goods Training Validity Extension 08/09/2020 (VIEW)
DG/N/2023/001 Amendments to the Dangeroud Goods Training Programme (CBTA) 27/02/2023 (VIEW)

The following Civil Aviation Directives should be read in conjunction with with Regulation 110 of the Civil Aviation (Safety) Regulations, 2017. Technical standards once incorporated are effective and applicable as amended (unless stated otherwise)

  1. The intent of the Civil Aviation Directives is to advise the aviation industry on the reference of the technical standards and the amendment status at the time of incorporation
  2. The Civil Aviation Directives may not necessarily refer to the latest amendment status which may be effective and should not be utilised to verify the amendment status of such technical standards. Operators should consult the respective organisation official web site for such information.

Title Standard
Standard ICAO Annex Target Issue Date Issue Effective Action
CAD OPS 57 Carriage of Dangerous Goods ICAO Technical Instructions (Doc 9284) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Annex 18 04/05/2018 1 04/05/2018 (VIEW)
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 Keren Jeanne  Dangerous Goods Inspector  +248 4684345 [EMAIL]
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