Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Forms
Ref. Title Issue Date Issue Download
SCAA AIR FORM 19 AME License Application Oct 2022 03 (PDF)
Ref. Title Issue No. Issue Date Download
AN2  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing 7 22/11/2019 (PDF)
AN3  Type Rated - Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Certfication Responsibilities 2 01/02/2011 (PDF)
AN25  Approval and Oversight of Maintenance Training and Examination Organisations 3 01/07/2018 (PDF)
 Part 147 Compliance Checklist (DOCX)
AN32  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing Appeal Process 3 10/07/2020 (PDF)

The following Civil Aviation Directives should be read in conjunction with the Part 23 - Authority Matters - Civil Aviation Directives of Civil Aviation (Safety) Regulations, 2017. Technical standards once incorporated are effective and applicable as amended (unless stated otherwise)

  1. The intent of the Civil Aviations Directives is to advise the aviation industry on the reference of the technical standards and the amendment status at the time of incorporation
  2. The Civil Aviation Directives may not necessarily refer to the latest amendment status which may be effective and should not be utilised to verify the amendment status of such technical standards. Operators should consult the respective organisation official web site for such information.
Title Standard
Standard    Target Date
Issue Effective
CAD-PEL/16-1 Issue of Aircraft Maintenance Licence EASA Part 66 Issue of Aircraft Maintenance Licence ICAO Annex 1 Ch. 3 Sect. 3.1 16/08/2017 4 16/08/2017 (PDF)
CAD-PEL/16-2 Maintenance Training Organisations EASA Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisations ICAO Annex 1 Ch. 4 Sect. 4.2 23/10/2017 1 23/10/2017 (PDF)
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Approved Training Organisations List (LINK)
Name  Post Title Office Number Email
 Giles Sicobo  Head Airworthiness and Engineer Licensing  +248 4384272 [EMAIL]
 Pavel Pogorely  Airworthiness Inspector  +248 4384290 [EMAIL]
 Selby Jeannie  Airworthiness Inspector  +248 4384285 [EMAIL]
 Denis Dina  Airworthiness Inspector  +248 4384282 [EMAIL]
 Riard Balette  Airworthiness Inspector  +248 4384284 [EMAIL]
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