Centrik User Guide – Release of Licence and Medical Details

Step 1 – Log in to your Centrik Account

Enter the username and password provided into the respective fields on the SCAA Centrik Log-in screen and click on the Log In button.
You can access the SCAA Centrik system by visiting https://scaa.centrik.net

Not Ready to Submit? (Draft)

Save Draft

If you are not ready to submit the form and require more information or time to complete it, please click on the Save Draft button located on the top right of the form.

Ready to Submit?

Step 12 – Finish and Submit Section

In the Finish and Submit Section, click on the Submit button after completing all the required sections and uploading all the required documents.
Please ensure to read the false representation statement in this section prior to submitting the form to SCAA for review.

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