Revalidation or Renewal of an ELP Endorsement


The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has established English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements for all aviation professionals who are required to communicate in English, including flight crew members who operate internationally and in Seychelles airspace. Flight crew members operating in Seychelles airspace are required to maintain a valid ELP endorsement on their license by applying with the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) to renew or revalidate it. Effective communication in English is essential in aviation, as it ensures that all parties involved in a flight operation understand each other clearly and can communicate important information in a timely and accurate manner. The ELP requirements are critical to ensuring safety in aviation, as miscommunication or a lack of communication can lead to errors, incidents, and accidents. By maintaining a valid ELP endorsement on their license, flight crew members can ensure that they meet the language proficiency requirements set by the ICAO and that they are able to effectively communicate in English while operating in Seychelles airspace or flying internationally. This helps to ensure the safety and efficiency of flight operations, which is essential for the aviation industry as a whole. Please see below steps to follow to request for the revalidation or renewal of an English Language Proficiency Endorsement.

Application Process

Step 1 – Request for Centrik Access

To access and complete this application form, Centrik access is required. Please follow the steps outlined below to request access:

Step 1 – Initiate Access Request: Click the button below to start the access request process.
Step 2 – Submission Review: Once your request is submitted, our team will review it for approval.
Step 3 – Approval and Log In Credentials: If your request is approved, we will promptly send your log in credentials to the email address you provided.

Please ensure you have defined a default mail application on your computer or mobile device.
If you already have access to Centrik, please disregard this step.

Request Centrik Access
Processing Times
 Processing Time
 within 5 working days of submission of the application.


Where can I take the English Language Proficiency Test?

You can sit for the English Language Proficiency test at the Seychelles English Language Proficiency Test Center located within Gate 3 at Pointe Larue.
For any further information or bookings, please click here.

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