South African Licence and Medical Certificate Extension (30 days)


When converting your South African licence into a Seychelles licence, the foreign licence must be valid at the time of conversion. This means that you must complete your training with the operator and complete conversion during the validity period of your foreign licence. If your South African licence and Medical Certificate are about to expire and the training/conversion will not be completed in time, you can request to our office to send a request to the South African CAA to extend your licence and medical for an additional 30 days.

Once the South African licence extension has been approved and issued; the extension states that it’s only valid if the South African medical certificate is valid as well.
This means our office will need to request for a medical certificate extension as well.

You can only submit this request to our office if you are already employed with a local operator and undergoing training with them.
SCAA is not directly extending your South African Licence and Medical Certificate, as this can only be done by the foreign authority.
Instead, we act on your behalf to request these extensions from the South African CAA, to ensure its authenticity and validity.
You should only submit this request as a last option and it’s possible that the South African CAA may not approve the request.

Application Process

Pre-Application Requirements

Before you can apply for the licence and medical extension you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a Valid South African Licence
  • Employed with a Local Operator
  • Undergoing training with a Local Operator

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