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The Safety and Security Regulation Department of the Authority (SCAA) is vested with the responsibility of ensuring a balanced and cost effective approach to safety oversight inclusive of initial certification and continued surveillance that ensures the development and operation of civil air transport in Seychelles is safe, and in accordance with national and international standards and requirements. Seychelles as a signatory to the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) Chicago Convention (hence being a Contracting State) has committed itself to the provision of a standardised and internationally accepted approach to the regulation and safety oversight of civil air transport. When permitting or undertaking local or international aviation activities within this mandate, Seychelles incurs certain obligations under the Chicago Convention, its Annexes and applicable Standards.

“Safety Oversight” is defined, as a function by means a State shall ensure the effective implementation of safety related Standards (SARPs) and Recommended Practices, associated Annexes to the Convention on Civil Aviation and related ICAO documents. However, is not limited to these Standards. Sufficient flexibility exists for individual States to make provisions it considers (through experience and expertise), over and above ICAO Standards. In this way Safety Oversight ensures that national aviation industry provides a safety level equal to, or better than that defined by the ICAO SARPs. The responsibility of States for safety oversight covers the complete spectrum of civil aviation in their State and aircraft registered in their State operating in other Contracting States. As such, an individual State’s responsibility for safety oversight is the foundation upon which safe global aircraft operations are built. The lack of safety oversight in one State therefore threatens the health of international civil aircraft operation. Seychelles responsibilities cannot be underestimated in this regard as safety oversight is a major obligation the implementation of which ensures the continued safety, regularity and efficiency of civil air transport.

The safety oversight obligations of the department are targeted at six main areas as seen in the groups below:

The primary role of Flight Operations and Flight Crew Licensing Inspectorate is the certification and continuous oversight of commercial air transport and general aviation operators, extending to Flight Crew Licensing. Within the certification and continuous oversight of operators, the Inspectorate is responsible for the certification and surveillance of transport of Dangerous goods within the territory of Seychelles through the Dangerous Goods Office. It coordinates with the Personnel Licensing Office in the issuance of licenses, certificates and ratings for flight crew and Training Organizations including oversight functions. It collaborates closely with the Airworthiness Inspectorate on matters concerning operational and specific approvals (ETOPS, RVSM, PBN and LVO operations) and safety assessment and surveillance of foreign operators’ programme. The Inspectorate also coordinates with the SCAA’s Commercial Department and other inspectorates as and when required. The Flight Operations Inspectorate also assists with the investigation, reporting and initiation of follow-up action in respect of aviation accidents and incidents for the purpose of enforcement and acts as SME in support of other investigative authorities/bodies.

Our Team

Name  Post Title Office Number Email
 David Labrosse  General Manager  +248 4684339 [EMAIL]
 Josette Ruiz  Office Manager  +248 4684340 [EMAIL]
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 Mervin Lesperance  Head of Flight Operations and Flight Crew Licensing  +248 4684342 [EMAIL]
 Keren Jeanne  Dangerous Goods Inspector  +248 4684345 [EMAIL]
 Michael Larose  Flight Operations Inspector  +248 4684346 [EMAIL]
 Davis Louange  Flight Operations Inspector  +248 4684347 [EMAIL]
 Shirley Dina  Cabin Safety Inspector  +248 4684276 [EMAIL]
Name  Post Title Office Number Email
 Giles Sicobo  Head Airworthiness and Engineer Licensing  +248 4684349 [EMAIL]
 Pavel Pogorely  Airworthiness Inspector  +248 4684352 [EMAIL]
 Selby Jeannie  Airworthiness Inspector  +248 4684351 [EMAIL]
 Denis Dina  Airworthiness Inspector  +248 4384282 [EMAIL]
 Riard Balette  Airworthiness Inspector  +248 4684350 [EMAIL]
Name  Post Title Office Number Email
 Joseph Lajoie  Head Air Navigation Standards, ATC Licensing, ANS Inspector (PANS OPS/ACS)  +248 4684365 [EMAIL]
 Fathiya Quatre  ANS Inspector (CNS)  +248 4684366 [EMAIL]
 Francois Albert  ANS Inspector (MET/AIS)  +248 4684368 [EMAIL]
Name  Post Title Office Number Email
 Yves Nourice  Trainee Aerodromes Safety Inspector +248 4684363 [EMAIL]
 Joel Dupres  Trainee Aerodromes Safety Inspector +248 4684364 [EMAIL]
Name  Post Title Office Number Email
 Barbara Souffe  Manager for Regulatory and Oversight  +248 4684354 [EMAIL]
 Marie-Ange Confiance  Aviation Security Inspector  +248 4684355 [EMAIL]
 Flarida Micock  Senior Aviation Security Inspector  +248 4684356 [EMAIL]
 Romena Cupidon  Aviation Security Inspector  +248 4684357 [EMAIL]
 Silvetta Mousbe  Aviation Security Inspector +248 4684358 [EMAIL]
Marie-Judith Freminot  Aviation Security Inspector +248 4684359 [EMAIL]
 Marcus Monthy  Aviation Security Inspector  +248 4684360 [EMAIL]
Name  Post Title Office Number  WhatsApp Number Email
 Darren Irmane Personnel Licensing Officer +248 4684343 +248 2740985 – Quick Chat? Click Here [EMAIL]
Name  Post Title Office Number  WhatsApp Number Email
Josette Ruiz Drone Operations Officer +248 4684340 +248 2740985 – Quick Chat? Click Here [EMAIL]

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