Airside Notices

Ref.  Title  Issue Date

 SIA AN 01.2009 Airside Notice 01/06/2009 (PDF)
 SIA AN 02.2009 Extension of the Northern Parking Area 12/06/2009 (PDF)
 SIA AN 03.2009 Trials with new floodlights 16/06/2009 (PDF)
 SIA AN 04.2009
Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Assessment Inspections 30/06/2009 (PDF)
 SIA AN 01.2010
Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (Aerodrome) Orders 2010 08/01/2010 (PDF)
Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (Aerodrome) Orders 2010 – Publications (PDF)
 SIA AN 02.2010
'Rules & Regulations for Airside Driving' Handbook 28/01/2010 (PDF)
 SIA AN 03.2010 Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (Aerodrome) Orders 2010 - Amendment No. 1 11/02/2010 (PDF)
 SIA AN 04.2010 Nomination of Airside Co-Ordinator / Airfield Driving Permit – Application Procedures 22/02/2010 (PDF)
Airfield Driving Permit - Application Form (PDF)
Airfield Driving Permit - Application Procedures (PDF)
 SIA AN 05.2010 Compass calibration base at the Northern Parking Area (NPA) 11/10/2010 (PDF)
Compass Base Mark Up – Layout (PDF)
 SIA AN 06.2010 Airside Control & Management Centre (ACMC) 21/10/2010 (PDF)
 SIA AN 01.2011 Aircraft Parking Stand Allocation 11/01/2011 (PDF)
SIA AN 02.2011 Commencement of work on ‘Apron Floodlight Project’ and ‘Terminal Walkway Extension Project’ 07/03/2011 (PDF)
SIA AN 03.2011 Commencement of work on ‘New Helipad Project’ 14/11/2011 (PDF)
SIA AN 01.2012 High Visibility Safety Vests 05/03/2012 (PDF)
SIA AN 02.2012 Commencement of work on ‘Operational Apron Extension Project’ 11/04/2012 (PDF)
SIA AN 03.2012 Marshaling Guidance 01/08/2012 (PDF)
SIA AN 04.2012

Domestic Parking Stands 02/08/2012

Attachment to AN 04.2012 (PDF)
SIA AN 05.2012 Re-alignment of parallel Aircraft ParkingStands on Bay 1 03/08/2012 (PDF)

Attachment to AN 05.2012 (PDF)
SIA AN 01.2013 Commencement of Culvert Cover Project 01/02/2013 (PDF)
SIA AN 04.2013 Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management 15/10/2013 (PDF)
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