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Reference Title Download
AIC 03/2023  Flight Calibration of Landing and Navigational Aids (PDF)
AIC 02/2023  Checklist of Aeronautical Information Circulars (PDF)
AIC 06/2022  Reporting of Bird Activities (PDF)
AIC 03/2022  Seychelles Application of ICAO Circular 353 - Transition Planning for Change to Instrument Flight Procedure Approach Chart Identification from RNAV to RNP (PDF)
AIC 02/2021  Boeing 737-8 "MAX" and 737-9 "MAX" Operation within the Territory of Seychelles (PDF)
AIC 11/2020  New requirements for passengers travelling to Seychelles (PDF)
AIC 10/2020  Delay in Implementation of ADS-B-NRA within Seychelles Flight Information Region (FIR) (PDF)
AIC 09/2020  Public Health Risk Mitigation Measures - Air Crew (PDF)
AIC 08/2020  Public Health Risk Mitigation Measures - Airport (PDF)
AIC 07/2020  Public Health Risk Mitigation Measures - Aircraft (PDF)
AIC 06/2020  Public Health Risk Mitigation Measures - Cargo (PDF)
AIC 01/2019  Implementation of ADS-B-NRA within Seychelles Flight Information Region (FIR) (PDF)
Last Updated: Wednesday 22nd February 2023