What is SEYELPT?

The SEYELPT which is used to assess speaking and listening proficiency in both ICAO radio phraseology and plain English, evaluates language proficiency in the six proficiency criteria
(for the six ICAO levels stated above)

The Seychelles English Language Proficiency Test (SEYELPT) is a spoken English test that measures the ability of test takers to understand aviation and plain English and to respond intelligibly in spoken English on a face-to face basis. The SEYELPT was developed under the guidance of an instructor/examiner at the Global ATS LTD, UK (Aviation Training Services) who administers the ICAO test to UK CAA and non-native speaking test takers.  The instructor also forms part of the team of Raters who are qualified since June 2013 to administer the ELPAC (Eurocontrol) test to all-comers for both pilots and air traffic controllers. It was specifically designed to comply with the principles and guidelines embodied in the Manual on the Implementation of language proficiency requirements by ICAO.

  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Interactions

How does SEYELPT work?

The SEYELPT which is in line with ICAO's directives, includes a listening and an oral component.

  • Introduction - Candidate and Raters introduce themselves
  • Part 1 – General Questions (Candidate is asked to talk about work, family, themselves etc.)
  • Part 2A – Listening Comprehension (The candidate listens to aviation specific recordings and has to repeat or say what he / she understands)
  • Part 2 B – Interactive Comprehension (The candidate listens to an aviation scenario then has to answer some questions about the scenario)
  • Part 3 – Description and Discussion (The candidate is given a series of pictures to describe)
  • Part 4 – Sentence Completion (The candidate is given 5 sentences to complete)
  • Part 5 – Role Play (The candidate acts out a role play with one Rater)

How can I prepare for the SEYELPT?

No special training is needed for the SEYELPT, but we recommend that candidates should:

  • know the format of the test
  • be ready to listen to speakers with a variety of accents
  • be ready to speak with confidence and clarity
  • be ready to seek clarification if they do not understand any element of the test

What happens in the SEYELPT?

The SEYELPT has a duration of approximately 20-25 minutes.

All SEYELPT interviews are recorded for security and moderating purposes and each candidate is assessed by at least two Raters (a subject matter expert and a linguist) 

A report is communicated verbally by the Raters providing the candidate's ICAO level profile, in accordance with the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale. A detailed written report is forwarded to the test taker’s organization.  Areas requiring improvement are highlighted.  A certificate is awarded to candidates who achieve level 4 or above. Validity for Level 4 is currently 3 years; for Level 5 it is 6 years and Level 6 is permanent.

Test Dates

Please contact us to book the test at a time convenient to you by forwarding an e-mail to detailing your requirement. Please note that we require at least seven (7) working day notice.


On Test Day

Test Day Policies and Tips

The ELP Test is delivered on a face-to-face basis in a quiet environment with two raters. The test duration is approximately 20-25 minutes

Test Venue

The SEYELPT Services is generally administered in the ANS / CNS / IT Training room located at the ATCC Building on the SCAA premises. If you do not posess an airport pass,indicate in your request so that we can make arrangements for an access pass

Arrive on Time

Please arrive at the ATCC reception at least 15 minutes before your test time for registration.

You must bring with you:-

  • A valid identification and two passport size photographs
  • Valid ID with your name, signature and photograph must have:
    • A clean recent photo
    • Your entire first / given name and entire last / family name

All passports and other IDs must be in English language letters and have your signature.

Expired documents and copies are not accepted. 

The following documents will not be accepted on the test day:-

  • International driver’s license
  • Credit / Debit Card of any kind
  • Employee ID card
  • Birth certificate

Personal Items

Identification documents and pens are the only personal items allowed in the testing room. You cannot bring cell phones,or any other electronic or photographic equipment, notes, books, scratch paper and portable listening and recording devices.

You will receive instructions where to put personal items. If you do not follow directions, you cannot take the test. Any violation of this procedure may result in cancellation of your scores or dismissal by test services staff.


Test Center Procedures and Policies

The following information will help you understand test center guidelines, policies and procedures:

  • You will be provided with paper for taking notes throughout the test.
  • It is forbidden to remove or attempt to remove any test paper / rough paper from the test premises.
  • Friends or relatives are not allowed in the test center during the test.
  • Notify the test supervisor immediately if test day conditions in any way impede your performance.
  • Do not make any noise near the examination room.

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