CEO’s speech Opening Domestic Terminal, 27th June 2019

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President of the Republic, H.E Mr. Danny Faure
Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly
Leader of the Opposition
Leader of Government Business
Members of the National Assembly
PSs and CEOs
Invited guests
Ladies and gentlemen

Good evening and a very warm welcome to the Seychelles International Airport, for the official opening of the new domestic terminal.

Allow me to extend a special welcome to our guest of honor, His Excellency President Danny Faure.

Your honorable presence and support, Mr. President, contributes greatly to our event today.

It also gives me great pleasure to see former CEO of SCAA, Mr. Gilbert Faure among us today, to witness the fruitful completion of a project that you started 4 years ago. Thank you Mr. Faure for the foundation you have built for SCAA, which we will take to greater heights…from Good to Great.

Today is an important day for us at the SCAA and the Seychelles Airports because, we are confirming to Seychelles and to the world at large that we are entering a new era in our aviation facilities.

Our Domestic Terminal is and will remain the gateway for the developments of our islands that are playing active roles in the economic development of Seychelles.

To arrive at the facility you are all seeing today, the SCAA discussed and consulted. Many of you will remember how this place looked like 5 years ago. It was too small for the growing domestic market, causing congestion. Visitors who had to wait long hours before connecting flights, sat around uncomfortably. Something had to be done.

We took your ideas on board as we planned for a better Seychelles. We listened to you and are really happy we did so, because today SCAA is opening for Seychelles a brand new facility built and planned by Seychelles; a facility that Seychelles so needed.

We can confirm that your continuous call for upgrading of facilities and amenities was understood, which is why we have more food and beverage outlets for the 250,000 passengers that connect to and from our islands annually.

We have the Payanke lounge located on the landside of the airport to give passengers with long waiting time a place to rest, eat and even go for a massage. The Payanke Lounge is also accessible for non-travellers and airport staff, providing additional choice to lunch, dine or to enjoy the Spa.

We are equally proud to see the brightness of Seybar, The Coffee Club and the Skychef Shop that our guests are enjoying.

For those of you who have been here lately, you must seen how The Coffee Club and Seybar provide a good meeting place for those searching for an ideal place to catch up.

We have launched tender for a pharmacy that will further diversify our products and services.

Through our offerings, we aspire to provide some aspects of the city experience within our airport, especially for our local community.

Today we are happy that we have leveled the facilities here with that of Praslin; giving ample space and a covered drop off and pick up point for Domestic travelers.

Providing choice is a needed concept we have embraced and one that we shall continue to embrace. This ensures competition in price and above all competition in service delivery. Our customers will always be the winner.

Our buildings will remain buildings, but to become a talked about facility we need to ensure service is delivered. The SCAA will be monitoring and pressing as necessary to ensure service provided at our airport enhances the name Seychelles, and ranked amongst the best at world class standards.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are aiming to achieve a five star service delivery here at the airport. We receive five star visitors that fly in five star airlines, going to five star hotels, hence we have to balance the equation. Our visitors should not feel a drop in the level of service along the chain.

Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management says that “quality in a service or product is not what you put into it; it is what the customers get out of it.”
The future is built on technology as we see around the world today, which is helping to improve the speed and ease of service delivery. As a country, we cannot be left behind, and SCAA is looking at all options to bring smart technology to our airport.

Most important of all, ladies and gentlemen, is Safety and Security.

Whatever we do, we cannot compromise the Safety and Security of our travelers.

We will continue to invest and ensure that law and order around our airport are respected; we cannot compromise because our certification depends a lot on our effectiveness to maintain safety and security. We count on everyone using our facilities to work with us, so we become a high achiever in this regard.

SCAA appreciates the role it has as a service provider. Our role is to look after the interests of the traveling public. Today we want to assure everyone that we shall continue to mold our facilities progressively to ensure that our International Airport also embraces the finishing and style of what you see here at the Domestic Terminal.

We are reviewing our masterplan, to come up with the right layout to expand the International Passenger Terminal. This will eliminate the challenges we are facing at the check-in, departure and arrival areas.

You may be surprised to know that right underneath our feet is a 360,000 litters of underground rain water harvesting storage tank, one of the largest on our premises. We have plans to install more PV systems. All these are part of our objectives to consider our environment and cost efficiency in everything that we do.

Ladies and gentlemen, SCAA is proud to be the custodian of this great new facility. We shall work hard to keep the standard that you see today. We need to do this for Seychelles, and our promise is that we shall deliver for our beautiful islands as is expected of us.

The SCAA is proud to be seen as a catalyst for the development potential of our islands.

We want to assure our partners and Seychelles that we shall continue to be the facilitator we are expected to be.

The challenges we have experienced and those we continue to experience will be surmounted if we continue to do as we have been doing … and this is to work with you all.

This facility is for Seychelles, so it is together, all of us together, that we shall continue to work for an airport that stands out to be seen as a reference in the world of aviation.

To conclude, on behalf of SCAA, I would like to thank all our partners, stakeholders, contractor Allied Builders, Payet Architects and GIBBs Consultants who have worked with us for this project. We would also like to thank our sponsors of today’s event.

My heartfelt gratitude also goes to the SCAA team for their dedication and perseverance, to the Board of Directors, the Government, and the people of Seychelles for entrusting us with this important project.

We are pleased that our customers can now rejoice fully in a modern and comfortable environment.

I thank you.