Speech by Mr. Garry Albert, CEO of SCAA on the occasion of the SCAA Long Service Award Ceremony, 12th July 2019

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Minister Didier Dogley
Ps Renaud
Mr David Savy, Chairman of the SCAA Board
Board Members
Our Friends from the ICAO Regional Office
Distinguished guests
Ladies and gentlemen

A good evening to you all and a warm welcome to this year’s long service award ceremony.

We are gathered here to commemorate and honor our long-serving and dedicated employees, some of whom happen to be pioneers of our organization, having worked with us for over 30 years!  SCAA is indeed very fortunate to have staff members whose many years of dedication, commitment and loyalty have shaped and contributed towards our successes. Now, it is our turn to say Thank You and reward your loyalty.

Before I proceed, allow me to acknowledge the presence of Minister Dogley, and thank him for accepting our invitation to share this very special occasion with us. Minister, your continuous support is well appreciated!

I would also like to express special thanks to the family members of our awardees present here today, for their support, encouragement and understanding. Also to your partners, who have stood by you, during the years and are still doing so. “Behind every employee is his or her partner!”

Dear awardees, your contributions are nothing less than a mark of passion, perseverance and dedication. We are very proud to have such loyal and committed people representing our organization and we value your hard work, extensive knowledge and invaluable experience. You are all important members of our team and your abilities and contributions are of paramount importance for our continued success.

They say that the knowledge that one has is a profit, the more knowledge means more profit. The collective knowledge from all you have acquired over the years makes SCAA a highly profitable organization.

It is certain that the journey has not always been smooth sailing and that you have encountered challenges along the way. Yet, you persevered and remained because of your passion and the love for what you do. Your presence this evening is therefore a true testament that with determination, endurance, discipline and the right attitude, you have been able to push through and overcome the hurdles.

As we honor your service milestone this evening, we hope that this serves as inspiration to your other colleagues and those who will join SCAA in the future. Congratulations to you all!

A round of applause please!

Indeed, a career in aviation is very demanding, as our industry is one that is fast-paced and highly dynamic. Running an airport requires an extensive mix of roles and responsibilities that are all vitally important to delivering on our mandate and what is expected of us from our customers and shareholder. Whilst we all share different backgrounds and capabilities, we should always value our team members, be respectful to one another and appreciate our co-workers. As we continue to discharge our functions, let us be guided by the principles of excellence in service, innovation and commitment to integrity and trust.

Like I said, at the beginning of the year, “being the right people” is very important to help us move from good to great! We count on you to continue assuring us that you are the right person to be in our team; you are self-motivated, self-disciplined and self-drive.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In today’s ceremony, a total of 96 employees who have completed 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 years of continuous service will be awarded for their dedication and loyalty. This is by all means a remarkable achievement not only for our hard working employees, but also for the organisation as a whole. We should all be very proud!

The long years of service is ample proof of the conducive working environment our employees operate in at SCAA. With a staff contingent of 727, and growing our people are and remain our greatest asset. We understand their value and their importance. Our focus on their professional development and well-being will therefore remain a priority and we will continue allocating resources, and incentives to further motivate them to deliver to the best of their ability. After all a person who feels appreciated will always deliver more than expected.

Dear colleagues, as we embark on the many plans we have for the organisation, we count on you to give the best of yourselves and to have the interest of SCAA at heart, as you deliver your respective functions.

Before I conclude, allow me to address those of our awardees taking their retirement this year. We are truly grateful and thank you for choosing a career with SCAA. Thank you for your loyalty and your extensive contributions and devotion throughout the years. You will always be part of the SCAA family!

A special mention to Mr. Gerard Sicobo; not because he is more special than others, but because I have worked closely with him during the short time I have taken the leadership of SCAA, and I am thankful to him for his support.


Ser envite,

Ozordi swar, apre tou I en selebrasyon lwayote, komitman ek lafyerte tou nou bann travayer ki pe ganny en award. Zot akonplisman I remarkab e nou felisit zot pou sa. Mon remersi zot e asir zot ki zot kapab kont lo mon lankorazman ek sipor pou bann lannen ki swiv.

Felisitasyon ankor, anmiz byen! Aplodi zot lekor ankor enn fwa silvouple.