Virtual Environment Day Pledge Wall

As one of SCAA’s core values, we are conscious of the need to protect both the environment and our national heritage. Our ongoing responsibility and efforts are committed towards achieving greener operations and having a green airport that is mindful of the natural environment. To achieve this goal, we endeavor to work closely with our stakeholders and partners. 

On World Environment day, we are proud to launch our virtual pledge wall, showcasing commitments made by some of our stakeholders. This is a space where we can appreciate efforts being done to transform aviation into a greener and environmentally conscious industry in line with both national and global aspirations.

Please click on the logos below to view their respective pledges:
Skychef Servair

As a company we aim to use biodegradable (paper, wooden) products and no plastic in all our outlets. We have already started and so far we have introduced; 

  • Paper straws 
  • Wooden Cutleries 
  • Wooden Stirrers 
  • Veg Ware juice cups 
  • Paper Bags 
  • Paper sachet bags 
  • Biodegradable fruit bowls and salads bowl 
  • Paper Napkins 
  • Veg Ware tea and coffee cups 
  • Paper Ice Cream container 
  • Carton Pizza boxes
Air Seychelles
Air Seychelles remains committed to integrate sustainability in its day-to-day operations, to minimize carbon emission footprints in the Seychelles environment and across its network.
The Coffee Club
Minor Food Seychelles Ltd – 
Pledges to ensure that all our product items are 
  1.  Certified Plant based & Catering disposables that doesn’t cost the earth. 
  2. That the brand franchise products of Minor Food Seychelles Ltd are VEGWARE certified. 
We are already ensuring that we are environmentally friendly and moving forward we aim to stay that way.
Seychelles Meteorological Authority
SMA pledges to take actionable steps towards reducing its carbon footprint, thus mitigating its environmental impact in effort to combat climate change. Such actions include, but are not limited to;
  • Improving energy efficiency in the next 10 years 
  • Reducing wastage where possible
Integrate energy efficient methodologies across the company’s operations to reduce negative impact on the environment
As IDC, we acknowledge our overarching role as custodian of the 14 groups of islands and atolls entrusted into our care by the Government of Seychelles. We are highly conscious of the fact that the environment is the most valuable asset of these far corners of our territory and the company is committed to doing its upmost to safeguard it. 

We therefore pledge to set up clean energy alternatives to the fuel powered generators on all these islands, so as to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of IDC’s operations and thereby decrease the attendant hydrocarbon pollution to almost zero. It should also be mentioned that these measures will minimize the obvious risks associated with the transportation of fuel to the islands. 

The first steps towards achieving this pledge has already been made and 3 islands already function on renewable energy, while the fourth, Desroches, will go 90% solar at the end of June 2021. By December 2022, solar power plants will meet 95% of all the energy requirements for the 14 islands.
Zil Air
At Zil Air protecting the environment and providing support to green eco- warriors and doers is at the core of our belief as a company. Without a pristine environment there would not be much to look forward to, let alone upkeep the magic the Seychelles afford!

Over the years we have as with many companies invested in greener solutions such as PV to power 50% of our needs, introduced internal protocols to see waste reduction and better management of resources and a shift to use more and more bio degradable products and chemicals for both domestic and aircraft applications. Effective management and disposal of hazardous products is nothing new to modern aviation protocols and at Zil Air we strive hard to ensure compliance at all levels.

Besides the typical good practices that we have become accustomed to and continue to strive to implement as technologies affords us more opportunities, Zil Air has bigger plans to ensure a long term sustainable approach to its operations and offerings. Easier said than done for aviation companies, but we continue to network and find greener solutions for our tomorrow.

Our choice of suppliers, partners and equipment is testimony to that will and we are a firm believer that our quest to fly greener is a matter of time.

Till then let it be “more than just a flight’’ as with Zil Air one will come to find a solid greener partner for the future.
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